Where To Shop For Affordable Cufflinks

By Robin Edwards

Let’s face it, being a man doesn’t necessarily allow the massive and never-ending range of wardrobe options that women have, especially when it comes to business attire. There’s the suit, the shirt, and the tie. Adding a personal touch to the monotonous flannel or pinstripe can be as easy as adding a pair of cufflinks. Men’s fashions are taking their cues from the movies lately, and subtle trends that are seen on film are showing up more in the office.

This season’s blockbuster James Bond hit, Skyfall, sees handsome lead Daniel Craig looking dapper and debonair in a bespoke suit and sporting cufflinks with every shirt. The addition of this simple fastener that originated over 500 years ago staple polishes off the look, and gives the indication that the wearer cares about his image and adds a little extra decorative touch, and you’d be surprised where you can find them.

Check your father’s or uncle’s old jewelry stash. Chances are you may find some beautiful vintage pieces that would not only look amazing but provide a meaningful, personal connection. Many old alliances and organizations had special cufflinks made for their members, and chances are you may discover your uncle’s old police brigade dress cufflinks, or your grandfather’s monogrammed pair just waiting to be re-discovered.

eBay is a great resource when looking for a more specific emblem or design. For example, if a man is a huge fan of football, you can find cufflinks on eBay ranging from actual football shaped to those bearing the logo of his favorite NFL team. Visit www.ebay.com and search “cufflinks” or add a more specific detail, such as “Dallas Cowboys”, and you’ll find the unexpected, yet perfect pair.

For a unique and socially conscious gift, check out the beautiful pieces from Me To We. Handmade by a Maasai mama in Kenya, these sterling silver cufflinks feature rare African Trade Beads, which were customarily given as gifts to African chiefs by European traders, to guarantee safe passage across the continent. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of goods at Me To We brings access to fair-trade markets and financial literacy training to communities in Africa and helps build a future for families. Please visit Trade Bead Cufflinks for more information.

Cufflinks are an easy way to add a personal statement to a man’s look, and with so many great choices available, it’s a little thing that makes a stylish difference.

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