What to Wear With Printed Tights

Printed tights are a fun and easy way to accessorize an outfit without adding any additional accessories. Tights can come in a variety of textures and prints, and selecting a pattern that appeals to you can add a more personal touch to an outfit. Knowing what to wear with your printed tights is important so your look does not become too mismatched or over the top.

The first thing to look for in your tights is a distinct color that catches the eye. If you have polka dot tights with blue dots, you’ll want to style your outfit around these pops of blue. Try wearing a printed T-shirt with dark gray shorts – which act as a neutral that offsets the bold tights – and place a blue cardigan over your top that matches the blue in the tights. Top the outfit off with brown or black shoes.

If you have multicolored tights in a tie dye print, for example, pick the color that stands out the most. If it is a yellow shade, you can bring this color out in your accessories. Wear the tights with a structured black dress and a yellow cuff, watch or necklace that matches the yellow in the tights. You don’t want your look to be too matchy-matchy, but with printed tights there should be more structure on top with key pieces that bring the look together.

If you have animal print tights – leopard is big right now – you have more styling options because the colors in the print are all neutrals. Offset the brown, tan, white and blacks in the tights with more bold pops of color in the rest of your outfit.

You can wear a pair of high-waisted red shorts with a white printed tank, topped off with a stylish pair of black sunglasses and black Mary Jane heels or leather boots. The black in your accessories will tie your outfit in to the printed tights, and the pops of red and personality in your printed top will add fun pops of interest to your ensemble.

You can also tone down your printed tights by layering them with knee-high socks or tall boots. If you have tights with a classic argyle twist, a great chocolate brown motorcycle boot will cover up the lower half of the tights so the print that pops out on top will catch the eye without being too overbearing. On a chilly day, you can also place some slouchy black knee-high socks over the tights with a pair of dark leather flats for a more schoolgirl look.

Don’t be afraid to buy a bold pair of printed tights that catch your eye and suit your personality. Now that you know how to style the tights, you can mix and match and create a variety of outfits with your fun new purchase.

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