What The “Casual” Guy Should Wear To Work

Let’s face it- there are those guys who would wear gym clothes to work if it was acceptable. Well I’m here to help them put together a casual outfit that will keep the comfort they want whle not losing the style and look needed in the working world.

Pant: A chino pant is the perfect pant for the casual guy. The pant offers a work appropriate look with a play-like feel. The best part, this pant comes in all the same colors as a dress slack. If the guy is able to do denim at work- stick with dark washes only. It keeps you looking sharp. A faded jean will give you too much of a lackadaisical appearance.

Top: A polo shirt is the best way to go for business casual. It still has the look of the collar but the pullover cotton material makes it more informal. Sweaters are also a great idea as well.

Accessories: Even though the causal guy is striving for a basic look it is still crucial to have a few accessories. For starters a belt is necessary when wearing a polo shirt because the shirt needs to be tucked in to keep a clean, crisp look. A nice sport watch will also help pull together the casual guy’s style as well.

Shoes: Even though the casual guy will want to wear his Nikes into work, he must resist. Sperry’s are an excellent alternative pair of shoes for during the summer. During the winter months just be sure this guy does find a comfortable pair of dress shoes. Shoes are one item that cannot be negotiated. Besides, the shoes make the man.

Important to Remember: In order for this guy to give off a professional vibe keeping shirts and pants wrinkle-free is the key. Keep shoes and briefcases shined as well; never know who you could impress!

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