What Not To Wear Despite a Casual Dress Day

Everyone looks forward to Casual Friday or events where they can be themselves, dress comfortably, and do not have to worry about spending hours selecting a dress that might not fit or shoes that will hurt your feet all night. Although a casual dress code is more laid back and easier to work with, sometimes this can be abused. If a casual dress code is set in place for a public event or function, there are ways to be casual chic but still give off a good impression and look like some effort was made into your outfit. There are also some more casual clothing items that should be off limits for such occasions.

1. Sweatpants – There is nothing about baggy, ill-fitting sweatpants that reads “professional.” Even if you are lucky enough to be able to dress casually for work or a party, sweatpants are a surefire way to give off “I don’t care about this” vibes. A casual dress code is still a dress code, and it’s rude to appear as if you just rolled out of bed and showed up because you had nothing better to do. Leave the sweats at home or in your gym bag.

2. Too-revealing skirts and shorts – As the months get warmer, most of us would rather be in our swimsuits all day cooling down in a pool instead of dressed up and suffering in the blistering sun. Summer months allow us to show a little skin, but there is definitely a line between appropriate and offensive. Keep your skirts and shorts casual chic by making sure they fall just above the knee and don’t ride up too much when you sit or bend down. Avoid any awkward mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions by making sure your clothes fit appropriately.

3. Beachwear – Speaking of revealing clothing, it’s not a good idea to show up to a function with a casual dress code looking like you are heading to the beach, unless of course the event is on a beach. Flip flops, bucket hats, Hawaiian shirts, mesh tops and Crocs should not be worn anywhere other than oceanside. Keep your casual outfits free of any cheesy themes because they will start to look more like costumes than casual chic ensembles. Also, you will be taken as seriously as you dress, so keep that in mind before reaching for that semi-offensive “witty” T-shirt or that overly sultry sundress.

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