University Of Men: The Latest College Fashion Trends

Sweats and t-shirts are a college campus regular. But guys, it is time to get schooled and step up your style. You can still get that cool, comfortable look but also look pulled together and stylish.

Beanies: Not only will this hat keep your head warm for the winter, but girls are digging guys in beanies. Pick a few up in different colors to switch them out. The beanie is the new baseball cap.

Dark Wash Denim: Throwing on a pair of dark wash jeans automatically makes you look stylish without any effort. This wash is flattering on all shapes and sizes. And guys, I know spills happen so this makes those a little less obvious.

North Face Jackets: A simple way to stay warm and look great. These coats come in any type of jacket you need whether it be for sport, warmth, or both. All of Northface’s gear will help let you sporty and simple.

Ugg Boots: I know what you are thinking, Ugg boots? Don’t most of the girls where them on campus? Well now, Tom Brady is the face of Ugg boots and he’s not the only celebrity wearing them. Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, and Jason Segal have all been spotted rocking this new trend. And bonus perk- these boots are like wearing slippers- warm and cozy.

Plaid: Plaid is in for more than just lumberjacks. Try grabbing a few plaid and flannel shirts- not only will they keep you warm, but you will be effortlessly standing out as a well-dressed guy.

Once you pull these suggestions together you are ready to out for class in style and comfort. Now I understand that some days so when you just need to rock the sweatshirt- so try wearing a quarter zips. It has more structure and looks more put together than a hoodie. Now class dismissed!


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