Tuxedo Advice

Work Hard and Play Hard is the advice of the success entrepreneur. To play hard you must understand the game. Business attire is completely different when dressing for a social or formal occasion. American Gentleman is here to help you understand the differences between wearing a suit or a tuxedo and where and when to wear them.

Some of you may recall in our not so long distant past, tuxedos came in powder blue with ruffled shirts with a salmon colored bow tie and cummerbund. The point of wearing a tuxedo or black tie is to have a good time, not look like one!

The classic tuxedo is timeless. It’s a single breasted, one button, black jacket made in year round medium wool. The lapel has a satin finish and is either peaked or shawl cut. The buttons match the fabric of the lapel and the trousers match the jacket with a black satin stripe down the outside leg. Flat front with no cuff is the style of pant for the tuxedo. This is a classic black tuxedo that can be worn to any black tie occasion year after year and will always be in style. Now, you need to know where it is acceptable to wear a tux.

Tuxedos are to be worn at weddings, holiday events and any other occasion that the invitation requests Black Tie attire. Not to be mistaken, a black suit is not a tuxedo. Those who know style and fashion will notice the difference if you come to a formal event in a black suit.

Now, should I buy or rent? Well that depends on your social calendar; If you are like a lot of men I know in Hollywood who get invited to several social occasions, red carpet or charity events, several times a year I would say purchase one. You will save money in the long run and as long as you take care of it and don’t gain or lose a lot of weight, you can have it for many years.

If you are a gentleman that goes to weddings every few years, then I would say renting is the way to go. There are some great places that have designer tuxedos that you can rent or buy used if you choose. When renting, just remember that less is more.

Follow the tips we gave and you should get the lasting impression you want. You have only one chance to make a first impression.

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