Trendy Winter Jackets for Men

This winter season marks a slimmer cut for men’s fashion, especially with jackets. The ongoing trend for the colder months is light layering; that is, wearing multiple thinner garments together for warmth without bulk. Men’s winter coats have evolved with this trend as puffy jackets have become slimmer and with tougher fabrics. Classic coats have made a comeback but with more modern aspects.

Wool coats are a classic for men’s winter fashion, and this year wool jackets have been cut shorter and more fitted. Rather than shopping for ankle-length heavy wool jackets, look instead for cuts that fall mid-thigh or right below the waistband. When it comes to colors, subtlety is key this year. Look for classic camel colors or lighter grays. Navy and black are always a safe bet and look sophisticated over a suit.

Peacoats with military cuts and embellishments are big this winter, and luxurious cashmere fabrics are taking over typical stiff nylon or canvas. Trench coats are also a classic that has made a comeback, but for winter, trenches are a little wider and lined with thicker fabrics or quilted silk. These jackets are great for more formal occasions or to add a dressier flair to an everyday outfit.

Slimmer puffy parkas in dark colors and matte fabrics are rising in this year’s winter fashion trends, and fur-lined hoods are back in style. Look for a puffy jacket made of soft down feathers and accents your shape rather than creating its own rounded silhouette. Longer puffy jackets are replacing the common elastic banded waist-length puffy coats of yore. This season is about sophistication and putting a modern spin on classic men’s fashions rather than reinventing it with more sporty, futuristic pieces.

Slim puffy vests are also still in style, but they should be worn over built-up thin layers rather than over a heavy coat or hooded sweatshirt. For men who are more apt to wear these vests to stay warm, it’s a good idea to wear them over a T-shirt, thermal shirt and warm wool sweater. The layers will keep you warm, and the outfit will still appear put together and stylish.

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