Trendy Winter Boots for 2013

Trudging through the snow and slush on your daily commute isn’t quite what you may imagine when you think of a winter wonderland. Fortunately, as the air grows crisper and the snowflakes start to fall, sweater weather is in full swing. Nothing complements a chic knit cardigan like a perfect pair of winter boots.

Rethink bulky boots stuffed with padding, and opt for sleek weatherproof footwear that fits close to the leg and rises to the knee. The Hunter + Rag & Bone collaboration boot is fully waterproof and represents a timeless fashion trend: military. Available in black and navy or olive, the boots feature sturdy hardware and a long zipper that makes the shoes easy to take on and off. This particular boot would look great with a pair of black leggings and a wool peacoat.

A super cozy winter footwear option is the Chipahko Blanket Boot from Sorel. The rain-and-stain repellent wool keeps your feet nice and toasty — just like a blanket. Durable rubber soles make sure you won’t slip on ice or sleet, and the outside buckles add a chic quality to the boots. These would look fabulous with skinny jeans and a trendy oversized sweater.

If you live in your Doc Martens during the fall, make the transition to winter with lace-up suede boots from Scarpa. Available in gray and black, these durable boots will last all winter and keep your feet warm with shearling wool lining. These boots would look stylish with black knit tights and a dark floral print skirt and sweater. Instead of buying the same pair of Uggs every girl has been parading around in since the early 2000s, these suede boots offer a more timeless alternative.


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