Trendy Backpacks

Although students are in the bliss of their summer breaks, returning to school is inevitable. One good thing girls have to look forward to is purchasing new outfit for the new year. Many students are ditching backpacks in favor of large purses, totes — or no bag at all. You’ll likely want to bring backpacks back, however, with a few of this year’s trendy styles.

Add some modern sophistication to your wardrobe with the Survey Backpack from Herschel Supply Co. The sleek rectangular shape is perfect for lugging around heavy textbooks and binders, and the padded shoulder straps are functional and comfortable. This is a sturdy design that looks stylish and is guaranteed to protect your valuables. It comes in neutral shades — black, tan and rust — so it’s sure not to clash with any outfit.

Herschel Supply Co. also offers a wide selection of colors in the solid, traditional backpacks that may bring back a bit of elementary-school nostalgia. The Classic Backpack is an affordable at $39.99 and comes in bright yellow, blue, red and gray shades. The backpack is no-nonsense and adds a pop of color that is often necessary in the darker fall and winter seasons.

For a little bit of pattern and excitement, Target is the ultimate place to shop for your backpack needs. Mossimo brand sells a trendy black-and-white Aztec print messenger bag that is perfect for transporting your laptop, notebooks and other odds and ends. For a more traditional backpack, the brand also offers the Jayden backpack with a tan background and blue, yellow and brown print on top. It’s a very earthy, ‘70s-inspired satchel that is great for boho styles. Mossimo also offers a selection of floral backpacks that are great for the spring semester.

For the perfect sporty, weatherproof book bag that isn’t clunky or too big, Club Monaco is the essential place to shop. The Topo Light Daypack is lightweight and waterproof, and it comes in a bold green shade with pops of yellow accents. It’s a deep bag that will hold all sorts of items for school, sleepovers, camping and everything in between. The Aiden Nylon Backpack is another great option that is sure to withstand harsh snow or unexpected storms while walking to class. It features the traditional backpack design with sturdy leather accents.

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