Trend Report: The Pocket Watch is Back

Once upon a time not so very long ago, the pocket watch was part of a man’s daily attire. As a symbol of tradition and inheritance within families, it gathered a nostalgic if not antiquated reputation. As decades passed. romanticism was eclipsed by practicality. Rendering the pocket watch as endearing and outmoded as the personal calling card and the gentleman’s fashion requirement of wearing a fedora.

Well that was then and this is now.

Enter the re-emergence of “The Modern Gentleman’s Pocket Watch.” Incidentally this isn’t your Grandfather’s pocket watch…although it can be and the style factor is still very modern.

As a member of the female persuasion I have to admit I’m completely biased on this subject. I always loved men who opted for the path less traveled when it came to timepieces. The man wearing a pocket watch was immediately imbued with a sense of mystery, an original thinker. Or maybe it just reminded me of my childhood observations of the elegance and refined style of the men in my family. I begged to inherit my Grandfather’s watch and to this day I wear it, sometimes in the traditional way, sometimes as a necklace. Fortunately for me, my fascination with this enduring example of masculine style is now downright fashionable!

The new breed of pocket watches can be as sleek and modern as a Lamborghini or as detailed and ornate as the traditional versions. Some gents opt for the genuine article, seeking out vintage pieces or inheriting family pieces. Regardless of design or budget, (I’ve seen styles as affordable as $15.00 and some tipping the price scale at $35,000!) pocket watches are popping up everywhere. From gents out on the town to wedding party groom’s gifts, this is one tradition that refuses to stay in the sock drawer!

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