Top 7 Things Girls Who Wear All Black Know to Be True

In New York you are more likely to spot a number of people wearing black. It doesn’t matter the occasion, they only wear this color. What’s the secret behind black color? Well, black is a perfect color that blends in every situation. Most women especially in New York wear all black which is a representation of the type of girl you are. It is a perfect identity for any woman who have diverse wardrobe in terms of style, but when it comes to color, all black is the style to go.

That said, here are the top 7 truths about every girl who wear black.

It matches your soul

Black acts as your armor. Black evokes emotion and adds a note of seriousness to how you look. At times, it’s a warning that this person is not to be messed with. Nothing denotes “No non-sense” like an all-black ensemble and this may be the major reason why most women like rocking this color.

Black has Class

Black is the best color and a perfect definition of class. There are many more colors that look attractive but all of them belong to flowers. Black is a man-made color. It’s practical and intangible. Every other color have a different connotations, but black is good for everything.

Black makes a Deep Statement

If you are girl who always wear black all through, you will always be noticed once you enter a room. Look at it this way, who do you notice when you enter a room full of different girls wearing different outfits? It’s the girl dressed in black from head to toe. She is an attention grabber. The best part is when it’s done in a stylish way.

Black never goes out of style

You have come across those girls who try so hard to match the different colors but they still don’t get noticed. If you are one of them, why don’t you try black? Girls who rock in black outfit will tell that black never goes out of style. When it comes to black be assured that you will never have any regrets. I can guarantee that.

They are artistic.

When you first meet a girl wearing all black from head to toe, what comes into your mind? She is artistic. When you think of poets, they are definitely not decked in fluorescent colors. They are mostly envisioned in black which makes the whole scene captivating.

With Black you can easily pull off any style

Girls who wear black know how easy you can get away with once you rock that outfit. You may wear old pieces as old as 10 years ago and still work them out with newer pieces. Experimenting style can look a bit crazy but with black, you are not afraid of taking risks and pulling it off quite easily.

Open to any adventure

The truth about black is that you can afford to open to any adventure that presents itself without worrying about the outcome. You don’t need to run home and change in case someone invites you for a fun event at the last minute. Black color is perfect for every event and in that case you don’t look under or over dressed in it.

Well, wearing black is a symbol of class and rebellion. It’s a great source of confidence for any girl who wish to try a new style. It never disappoints.


Written by Davis M.

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