Time to shave that beard?

Shave, ya lousy bum!

Glamour magazine reports that beards are finally out of fashion again — especially those stupid beards that look like you’ve only been growing facial hair for the past five days.

But don’t take Glamour’s word for it. The magazine has some actual university research to back it up.

Yes, there are university researchers who are actually interested in your facial hair. Researchers at the University of New South Wales studied how 1,453 bisexual or heterosexual women responded to 36 photos of men’s faces.

They were more impressed by the clean-shaven types than the bearded boys.

“We may well be at peak beard,” lead reseacher Robert Brooks tells the magazine.

We’re at peak beard? Sounds like an expedition or something. Shouldn’t we plant a flag?

Not so fast. Keith Flett, who had nothing better to do with his time than found the Beard Liberation Front, an informal network of beard wearers, tells Glamour that we’re not even close to peak beard.

Brooks’ study “may be fun but makes too many improbable assumptions to be taken seriously,” Flett says.

“Many men have beards for reasons entirely unrelated to sexual attraction, sometimes even the most basic one of not being bothered to shave,” he adds. “”There is no actual evidence that beards have peaked or are in decline as a fashion statement or anything else.”

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