The Xperienced Shopper: shopping on Xperience Days website

Every office or classroom has one, a person that shares these stories of incredible weekend activities. It might be just be something as simple as a beer making class or as crazy as learning how to trapeze. But regardless, you sit there, listen, and wonder “How does this person manage to do these activities?” Well let me clue you in on the how, it’s called Xperience Days.

Xperience Days is a website dedicated to a collection of bucket list experiences. I happened upon it in a search for a gift for someone. It has become my go-to website. You can find your next adventure by city, interest, and price range!

The site has activities in a ton of major cities so it is perfect for someone looking to experience their hometown in a new way or for a visitor to see all the city has to offer. For example, New York City has a tour of Central Park. Something residences are very familiar with and a must for tourists. The site takes is a step farther to add some flare, they show you were the major movie moments were filmed within the park! There is also a tour of NYC street vendors, what better way to learn where to get your street meat.

Have a specific itch that you want to scratch? Maybe you have wanted to learn to salsa dance or drive a race car. Xperience Days will let you narrow it down by your interests and wants. I’m sure you can find whatever you are dreaming to do!

If budget plays a factor into your decision- don’t fret. Not only are you able to set a price cap, but a lot of these experiences are made for two so it cuts the costs in half from the get-go!

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