The Sheer Clothing Trend – Are you In?

One of 2012’s biggest and most daring trends in fashion is sheer clothing. Seen on celebrities and all over the runways, the sheer trend recalls ’80s and ’90s fashions by adding a more modern and sexy twist.

  • The best way to try out the sheer trend is by selecting lightweight, sheer button-down tops with a solid collar and cuffs. Choose colors like black, navy or plum and wear a same-colored bra underneath for a night look. Because the colors are darker, whatever you wear underneath will only be seen in brighter lights.
  • Choose pastel colors like mint or lavender when wearing sheer clothing during the day. Wear a sheer button down tied at the waist over a floral fitted dress. The print will show through the top and add a light layer over your dress for warmer months.
  • Some sheer clothing styles to avoid are shapeless sheer dresses that can look more like a swimsuit cover and will expose too much skin and your entire undergarments. Instead, choose a dark-colored dress with horizontal strips of fabric that alternate between sheer and opaque. This will expose just a little bit of skin while staying true to the sheer trend.
  • Sheer pants should also be avoided, but a sheer skirt can look trendy when worn over a shorter opaque skirt of the same color. This look recalls the layered look of the ’90s.

To wear this sheer trend right, make sure your sheer skirt is long and straight or has a longer back and shorter front. Pair it with a cropped T-shirt and platform boots for a more rocker chic look. This is the best way to wear sheer clothing without looking tacky.

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