The Briefcase Makes A Comeback

If you are a tech lover like me, you are probably carrying the latest smart phone, tablet and maybe a laptop or two. I can’t help it – I’m hooked. Carrying around all these gadgets means you probably also have an arm full of chargers, a blue tooth headset, and carriers to go with it. While these devices are supposed to be sleek, light weight and easy to carry –that only goes so far. Even if you only carry two devices at a time, you still have chargers to worry about. Until they come up with satellite charging, that causes a problem for any guy on the go.

How do you carry everything with you? First they said carry a man bag. Not very many self respecting guys did this. Next it was the messenger. That is more doable. It looks sort of like a purse but isn’t girly so that was certainly more popular. The problem is that the messenger bag doesn’t look so good with a nicely pressed suit. It screams – I just graduated college and this is my dads tie. For those desperate to carry a laptop a back pack is also an option but again, you scream fresh out of the school bus.

For men like me, real men not the pubescent kind, the return of the briefcase is a welcome solution to the endless pile of gadgets and chords on the desk. The modern briefcase is sleeker and thinner than the old version and comes in multiple colors. You don’t have to slug around Grandpa’s post world war two metal container. You can also skip the lawyer like bag of the 80’s. The new briefcase is fresh, just like you. It screams I know I’m a grown up but I can look cool being one.

Lanvin and Louis Vuitton both added briefcases to their latest line. Lanvin had boxy, art deco type designs while Louis Vuitton had several that looked almost like a tool box. With a variety of fabrics, colors, shapes and sizes the briefcase can fit any outfit and hold your phone, tablet, laptop and chargers. Hello manly bag – we welcome you.

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