The ’90s are back in time for the school year

You might call it the Fonzie Effect.

One of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the ’70s was a nostalgia craze for the ’50s (as evidenced by the character of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on the sitcom “Happy Days”).

Cultural nostalgia always seems to look 20 years in the past, so it’s little wonder that Scripps Media reports that the grunge fashions of the ’90s are seen as must-haves by teenagers heading back to school in September.

Maybe you could call this round of nostalgia the Seinfeld Effect. Expect to see long-sleeve turtlenecks and lots and lots of plaid.

Scripps reports the watch words for school fashions this fall are “cozy and relaxed,” Fringe skirts, bows, diagonal prints and the heavy use of the color orange are all among the trends.

Another big trend is wild print designs. Jewelry trends include single earrings, creole hoops and hand bracelets. Crystal flower necklaces and fringe bracelets will also be big this fall, according to Scripps.

Students won’t just need clothes. They’ll need backpacks. Scripps cites a Northeast Ohio University study that found the average backpack weighed about 14 pounds — or around 15 percent of a middle school student’s body weight.

Scripps cites a report by the National Retail Federation estimated American back-to-school spending to total $72.5 billion in 2013. That includes college students. More than half of all parents with kids in high school planned to spend money in clothing stores, according to the media group.


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