Summer Footwear – Cheap and Chic Fashion Dress Shoes for Warm Weather

Fashion dress shoes do not have to be expensive to be chic. Rather, summer footwear can be delightfully cheap and stylish. Here are some summer 2012 footwear trends that you may want to consider.

Wedges are IN

One of the biggest summer 2012 footwear trends is wedge heels. Wedges are great to wear if you tend to wobble and stumble in regular stilettos but want a few inches added to your height. Wedges will distribute your weight more evenly, and they also come in a variety of styles. This summer, wedge heels will spice up a pair of strappy sandals, but they also work well with fashion dress shoes.

Many of us are shopping for the perfect fashion dress shoes to wear to work, parties, dinners or special events. Wedge heels can add a special flair to each of these occasions, but be sure you select an appropriate pair. Cork, straw, and patent leather materials are off limits for more dressy occasions. Look for a black or brown pair of leather wedges or a suede pair in gray, plum, navy or black. When wearing wedges for a dressier, more professional occasion, it is best to find them in a short “bootie” style rather than a sandal to make your legs appear long and slender and to keep your outfit more streamlined and uniformed.

Go Retro with the Slingback Shoe

Another summer 2012 footwear trend is the 1950s retro slingback shoe. Slingbacks have been hit or miss in fashion in recent years, and many designers attempted to bring back the look with short kitten heels or chunky, blocky platforms. The best way to wear a modern slingback in a formal setting is to look for a shoe with a 3 to 4-inch heel and a rounded toe. Slingbacks work well as fashion dress shoes because they add a bit of interest to a standard black pump and look great with a pencil skirt for a retro chic ensemble. Avoid loud patterns and fluorescent colors, and opt for a neutral pair of slingbacks in a leather or canvas material.

Tuxedo Flats – Chic Fashion Dress Shoes

If flats are more your style for fashion dress shoes, shop for the androgynous chic tuxedo flat style. Tuxedo flats mimic the style of a traditional loafer and are one of the most interesting summer 2012 footwear trends. Although the resurgence of the ultra fashionable ballet flat is still very versatile and popular, tuxedo flats are becoming a more hip, easy shoe to slip on and go.

Tuxedo flats extend the top of a traditional ballet flat over the toe a few inches and features small U-shaped cut outs on the left and right sides. This allows some space for an interesting embellishment, such as a tassel or bow, and the style looks ultra chic with black tights and a cocktail dress. Because this summer 2012 footwear trend is very stylish and classic in its design, it can work in different patterns (like animal print or houndstooth) for a special pop of color and interest.

These are just a few of the summer 2012 footwear trends that are cheap and chic. So…isn’t it time you went shopping for your summer footwear?

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