Spring Cleaning For Your Wardrobe

You can accumulate a lot of clothes over a year or two. One big sale could result in sport coats, blazers, and other items that get pushed to the back of the closet. You plan to wear them, but there’s so much clutter that you forget all about them.

This year, use spring cleaning as a way to uncover new outfits you already own.

Make Two Piles

When you clean out your closet, make a keep pile and a donate pile. 

Put clothes you know you’ll never wear again into the donate pile. Just because you don’t want them doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love them.

The keep pile, of course, will hold all of the items that you decide to keep for the next year.

Organizing Your Keep Pile

Since you want your spring cleaning to turn old fashions into new outfits, arrange clothes so that you have easiest access to the items you wear least often. If you have a jacket you haven’t seen since you bought it a year ago, put it right in the middle where you’ll see it every time you open the door.

Put clothes that you wear a lot on the sides, where they aren’t so easy to see. This should encourage you to mix up your fashion instead of sticking to the same old outfits week in and week out.

Making New Outfits From Your Clothes

You can also sort through your keep pile to find new color and fabric combinations that you haven’t worn before. Try mixing colorful button-ups with blue jeans and sport coats. Lay them out on the bed so you can see what they look like.

Some of your ideas might look like duds. No, problem. Just rearrange them to see what else you come up with. It’s this type of trial and error that can result in interesting discoveries that turn your old clothes into brand new outfits.

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