Sock It To Me: Trend Report

In 2013 we will see the return of men’s fashion socks, from every color print and pattern. It will be a deluge of socks from every designer taking their distinct perception of what the new fashion trend should be in men’s hosiery. Camouflage to morph abstract prints to logo designs will all be available to suit every man’s taste. Some designers will focus on the fabric and keep its designs classic and simple but choosing to make there designs woven into a solid color fabric throughout. Men’s socks from the past were thin and or very thick. Today’s men’s socks will have reinforced heel and toe combining the two for comfort and durability.

Socks for 2013 will have a few more cuts then the fashion socks of the past. There will still be the standard crew and knee high, but now there is the ankle and the toe socks to your collection. All will be in assorted fabrications and styles.

The fashion sock is just a hint of creativity that tells a bit more about the man who wears them. Just as the lining of the suit can be uniquely interesting to only you or whom you show it to, so can your socks. Not everyone needs to be privy to your thought process of why you bought them, or why you choose to wear them. Check out popular brands like Richer & Poorer and Happy Socks for the latest designs.

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