Shopping for the Perfect T-Shirt

One fashion item that has never, and probably will never, go out of style is the basic T-shirt. Tees can be worn will dressier skirts and blazers or simply with a good pair of jeans and sneakers. Shopping for the perfect T-shirt seems easy enough, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your new shirt is trendy, comfortable and well-made.

When buying the perfect T-shirt, you should first look at fabric. You will want to find a shirt that is ultra soft and lightweight rather than stiff, heavy and tight. The more cotton in the blend, the better. Feel around for T-shirts that are soft and flowy in your hands. If it feels scratchy or uncomfortable, don’t buy it. The heavier the fabric, the less it will conform to your body shape, and the more boxy and oddly shaped it will be.

Next, look at the neckline. Your perfect T-shirt could have a V-neck or a simple ribbed collar depending on your preference. The best and most comfortable tees will have necklines that are a little lower to allow for more comfort and ease when putting on and removing the shirt.

Look at embellishments and color. The perfect T-shirt has few embellishments and comes in a neutral color like white, gray, tan, navy or black so it can be worn with almost anything. T-shirts with a breast pocket are classics, but that’s all the added material you need.

Lastly, look for sleeves that are a little longer (avoid the “babydoll” style) and a shirt that is long enough to reach your hips so it can be tucked in when desired. Keep your T-shirts basic, comfortable, versatile and the perfect mix between classy and casual.

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