Put a Belt on It: Your Best Belted Outfits for Fall

When belted waists come back in style in recent years, many women were skeptical of this look. Some women were afraid that the belts would be uncomfortable, while others felt it was too retro. However, as people caught on to the benefits of belted waists, including the slimming effect, the trend is more popular than ever. If you are looking for some fall belted inspiration, consider dresses and jackets you can utilize this sophisticated look with.

Belted Dresses

One of the most popular fall looks right now is the belted dress. You can belt many types of dresses, whether they are casual and flirty or more professional looking for work. No matter what dress you wear, the belt will have the same effect—it will slim your waistline. Plus, if you don’t normally wear a lot of accessories, belts are a good way to add oomph to your style. As a tip, you might want to choose solid colors for work wear and get more creative for fun dresses you wear outside of the office.

As you’re out and about building up your new fall wardrobe, you will notice that some dresses already come with belts sewn in around the waist. While this certainly cuts down the amount of shopping you have to do, don’t think you have to settle for a belt you don’t like. One of the problems with this scenario is that the belts are much too skinny, and they won’t have the same slimming effects as a wider belt.


Belted jackets of all lengths are a great way to prevent your shape from getting lost beneath outerwear. You can belt any type of jacket, including styles made from leather, twill and wool. While belts that come with dresses can be tricky, many of the belts that come with jackets at the store are actually quite helpful because they don’t cause the fabric to wrinkle.

Before settling on any belted jacket, make sure that the length is appropriate for your body type. If you have wider hips, belting a jacket that falls on your hipline can actually make you look wider.

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