New Shoe Trend: Platform Sneakers

A new shoe trend that emerged this year is platform sneakers. Now, these aren’t the spacey sneakers seen in the early 2000s where it looks like a shoe has been glued to a neon foam platform. These new shoes, called hidden wedge sneakers, are more subtle and infinitely cooler than platform shoes of yore. These hidden wedge sneakers have a platform inside the shoe that cannot be seen, so it looks more like a trendy pair of high top sneakers without a heel. This style of shoe is great for shorter gals who want to look taller without instantly grabbing a dressy pair of pumps.

The new platform sneakers come in various designs, colors and styles to suit different outfits and wardrobes. Designer Isabel Marant popularized the style by using black suede to give the look more of a high-end style rather than a standard basketball player-esque high top sneaker. Although the shoe distributes the weight of your foot with the hidden wedge, don’t expect to wear this style on the basketball court. It’s more about style than practicality.

Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kate Bosworth-Platform Sneakers Attract Celebrities

Other styles of the hidden wedge sneaker, seen on celebrities like Beyonce and Alicia Keys, are more clunky and sporty. With velcro straps and pumped-up tongue inserts, the shoes don’t look quite as chic and feminine, but there’s no doubt that they look cool. Celebrities like Kate Bosworth were spotted wearing a more neutral, toned down version of the platform sneaker. Hers were a tannish brown with thick, floppy strings. Designer Giuseppe Zanotti designed a pair for singer Ciara that are all white with metallic studs adorning the sides.

Wide Variety of Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers come in all different colors and designs with interesting geometric shapes and stripes to suit any style. Most come in a high top sneaker design, and they can look casually cool with jeans or more elegant in black with tights and a skirt. Although most hidden wedge platform sneakers currently carry a hefty price tag, expect more inexpensive styles to hit stores in the coming months. Demand is high for this new shoe trend, and it helps that some of the most chic celebrities have been rocking them all over town.

Not only is this new shoe trend a great alternative to heels, it can also be worn in the place of boots for a more sporty and unique look. Although suede and strappy seems to be the most popular style, the shoes also come in lace-up varieties and various prints and fabrics. The hidden wedge platform sneaker is definitely one of the most innovative and interesting of the new shoe trends for 2012, and it’s one that will surely be seen all over the place.

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