Men’s Workplace Fashion

Mark Twain stated, “Clothes make the man”. I have to agree with Mr. Twain 100%. Men’s clothing in the work environment can make all the difference. Once men learn a few tricks of the trade of dressing for work- they are set for success.

Get fit- or fitted at least. A tailored suit is the secret weapon for any man. Having a suit that fits a man like a glove makes him look confident and put together. This is also a great investment because of easy it is to find great deals on suits. Men’s clothing stores will often run deals such as a buy one, get one. Something else that should be fitted, a man’s collared shirt. This not only looks sharper when worn alone, but also helps when layered with a jacket or sweater. Scoop up ten collared shirts and rotate them- that is two weeks worth!

Shine your shoes! This is important especially if you are doing office work. Why would your shoes look like they were worn during a mud wrestling contest if you sit in a cubicle all day? A good shoe shine keeps your kicks and you looking fresh. A good idea for men is to invest into two good pairs of shoes. Try a black and brown pair, great neutral color dress shoes that will go with everything you own.

Accessorize. As far as men’s accessories go ties, belts, and watches are the staples. These are the pieces where you can put some personality into your wardrobe. Just make sure you stay away from clashing prints when you work them into your outfits.

One final tip, dress for the next position you want. If you look the part you plant the seed in your supervisor’s head! Follow these basic tips you are sure to leave a great first impression and to continue to leave a mark beyond all of your hard work!

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