Men’s Clothing Basics: “Building Your Wardrobe Foundation”

If it were up to most guys, their wardrobe would probably consist of sweats, sweats and more sweats. But if clothes make the man and you want to make an good impression on your boss or more importantly the gorgeous new assistant you’re gonna have to man up your wardrobe, fast.

Consider this, the average guy is average looking, makes an average buck, and has average taste in fashion. But he’s competing with men who are not only really good looking and make a lot of money, but also make sure they have all the right clothes. To stand out from the competition, the average guy can work out, keep a good skin and grooming regimen or even have cosmetic surgery. Of course there’s always hard work and climbing the corporate ladder, but nothing will have the immediate impact that a stylish wardrobe can provide. Nothing succeeds like success and nothing makes you feel more successful (and confident) than when you know you look good.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend for $500 shirts and $1,500 watches. Most women aren’t concerned about how much you spend on your clothes, in fact some women love a man in a simple t shirt and jeans. Women DO notice a man who looks good and exhibits a modicum of style. If you make the effort and your clothes don’t look like they’re from the back of your closet you will make an impression.
It’s knowing what looks good on you in style, cut and color. The rest is about getting a few basic pieces to look good in any casual setting. Adding a few extra accessories to the basics will change up your look, providing more options within your wardrobe. Having a solid set of wardrobe options will give your look polish and broader appeal with more women.

Start with a solid foundation of basics, some of which you probably already have. So what are the basics? Well, think of them as the men’s casual clothing equivalent of the four food groups: jeans, pants, T-shirts and button-down shirts. If you’re not sure consider going to a department store where there are salespeople as stylists (some in the form of attractive women) and let them know this is only a fact finding mission but you’re looking for suggestions on jeans with the best fit for you or the newest trends etc. It could be informative and fun.

Today the trend in men’s fashion is much more tailored and fitted than in years past. Those jeans you bought eight years ago probably aren’t the epitome of style they once were. Keep your wardrobe of basics up to date. Unless it’s a classic Burberry trench coat, anything that is over 5 years old in your closet is probably out of fashion. Throw out anything that is worn, torn stained or doesn’t fit. The stylists rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in 6 months you need to throw it out. As brutal as that sounds consider that if you haven’t worn it in over a year you probably never will.

Take note of the things you never wear and why. It will help you to shop smarter in the future. Once you’ve established a solid foundation of basics and accessories, maintaining your wardrobe should be relatively easy. You will probably only need to buy a few items each year to replace pieces or to stay in step with the current fashion trends. That’s smart and any woman will tell you there is nothing more attractive than a man who is smart about style.

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