Men In Uggs: The Latest Trend This Winter

Inspiration for trends comes from all over.  Celebrities having a big influence often will start trends without even realizing it.  Something we can expect to see this winter because of some leading Hollywood men- more guys in Ugg boots.  Some stars that were caught on camera sporting Ugg boots include Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, and Jason Segal.

Who is the star of the new men’s Ugg campaign? The Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady is Uggs personality.  What makes Uggs manlier than a football star modeling the boot?  This brands the boot as masculine and tough- something that has not always been associated with the designer.

For the fall 2012 ad campaign, UGG has also put up an 88-foot wide and 225 feet tall billboard of Brady opposite New York’s Madison Square Garden.  What better way to attract attention than in the fashion capital of the US?

The fall 2012 collection consists of your working winter boot to more stylish dress boots.  Having Tom Brady representing Uggs helps represent the variety of products available for men since Tom is a multi-faceted man.  He has to go from a star on the field to a professional, class act when off.  Having that associated with Uggs helps the campaign reach a larger, diverse audience.

The pricing of the product is reasonable as well; it ranges from $150 to $500 for boots.  Colors of the boot are neutral also helping appeal to more men, but the designs are fashionable for the metro-guy.

Men who are new to Uggs can visit Uggs’ website and get “Sized Up”.  This online quiz helps match men to the type of shoe they are looking for.  This is foolproof way of matching men with the right shoe!

With men stealing this trend of Ugg wearing, you could say it is getting MUgged!


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