Manly Manicures

Everyone knows that girls love their mani/pedi time, but guess what…so do men! Who doesn’t like a hand or foot massage, cleanliness, and neat nails? I’m not saying go and pick the prettiest color, but simply don’t walk around with dirt under your nail beds!

A lot of men are apprehensive about going to get their nails done because they think it’s embarrassing.  However, it’s 2013 and it’s time to get over the fear.  There was one time when my dad went to get a manicure and a pedicure.  He caught a little girl looking at him and laughing and literally said to her, “What?!”.  He was right.  Why should it matter if men want to be cleanly.

“Manicures are a pleasant luxury that could be a necessity, depending on your line of work. (And I’m not talking drag queens here, but maybe blackjack dealers and stride pianists.) My grandfather was always manicured during his weekly haircut and definitely considered it important for the care and maintenance of his executive aura.” says GQ Magazine

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