MANdated Dress Code

Winter is such a great season to express your style through layers. Here is your MANdated dress code:

Vest: A puffy vest is a great fall to winter accessory. The extra weight keeps you warm, but without the sleeves it allows you to still wear it while running errands.

Grey Denim: This trend is great because grey denim adds spice to your standard denim, but is still neutral enough to pair with any color.

Worn-In Denim: A great pair of relaxed denim will look good with any sweater. It will also allow you to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Sweater: Chunky and structured sweaters are a must for winter. A structured sweater is great for the office. Trying wearing it over a collared shirt and tie to make it more formal. The chunky sweater is great for the weekend getaway. It allows you to layer while still looking stylish.

Boots: A great pair of ankle boots is a must-have for men this winter. Wear these with jeans and a chunky sweater for a nice, warm feel.

Overcoat: A structured coat is a necessity this winter. A long coat would allow for a transitional coat for work and causal dress. Try a neutral, solid color so you can pair a hat or scarf with pattern.

Gloves: A pair of neutral gloves goes a long way. Try a pair of ‘smart’ gloves. These gloves work with your smart phones so you do not need to remove them in order to use your phone.

Scarf: Learn to tie your scarf this winter. Just that extra step will give you a sophisticated look.

Beanies: Make sure you top off your outfit with a beanie. These fun hats look great in solids or patterns.

Grab these basics and you will sure be able to warm up to the winter weather.

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