Lip Reshaping: Myths and Facts

Lip reshaping is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of a person’s lips. Either implants or injections are used to bring out the desired shape and rejuvenated look for the lips. Lip reshaping also helps reduce fine lines or wrinkles in and around the lips. Dermalogen, Artecoll, HylaForm, and Autologen are used for the injections, while Alloderm or fat grafting agent is used as implants.

Similar to other cosmetic techniques, a number of myths and facts are associated with lip reshaping:

Myth: Lip Reshaping is Permanent

Fact: Lip reshaping carried out through the injection is not permanent. The fillers used in the injection get dissolved into the body and usually last for six to 12 months. The physical characteristics and lifestyle habits of a person actually determine the total duration of lip reshaping achieved using injection. However, lip augmentation achieved using the implant is long lasting as well as reversible.

Myth: Lip Reshaping is Very Expensive

Fact: Lip reshaping treatment cost depends on the kind of procedure used. Injections containing dermal fillers like Hylaform or Radiesse will give you short-term effects and are available under $350. Lip implants cost around $1,500-$3,500 depending on the implants. Lip augmentation using fat transfer is quite expensive than other procedures, and costs around $2,400-$4,500.

Myth: Lip Reshaping is Risk Free

Fact: Different risks have been associated with the Lip reshaping process, which vary from patient to patient. The injection used in the process contains collagen, which might cause allergic reactions. Other side effects include usual redness, swelling, bruising, and other related infections.

Myth: Lip Reshaping is Painful

Fact: Anesthesia is given to the patients to reduce the pain related to this process. Post treatment, the patient may experience mild pain, which can be controlled with pain killer medication.

Myth: Only Women Undergo Lip Reshaping

Fact: Lip reshaping can be performed on both women and men in the same way, to give similar effects. Though it is mainly performed on women, men also can undergo lip reshaping using dermal fillers or by having implants.

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