Lacoste: An Iconic Brand That Made The Polo Hip

Over 80 years ago Renee Lacoste invented the polo shirt. Part comfort and a cross between professional attire and casual beach wear, the polo has been a popular staple of men’s wardrobes ever since. Coming in a variety of colors the Lacoste polo has something for every outfit and color preference. Men and women have both worn the polo for casual attire both on and off the tennis court. Lacoste features their recognized alligator logo on every polo. Small and subtle, this symbolizes the wearer has the original polo on – he’s wearing a Lacoste. To celebrate the brand this video has been released featuring the polo of the future.

Lacoste is a world wide brand, recognized in the US, Europe, South America, Asia and beyond as a fashion staple. Long ago the brand went away from only offering polo shirts into a wide variety of clothing styles for men, women and kids. Today the brand sells sweatshirts, pants, shorts, outerwear, jeans, tees and more. They have also diversified into the speciality markets including: Big and Tall, Golf and Tennis wear.

Fans of the Lacoste brand can also enjoy their accessories. They sell shoes, watches, fragrance, hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses and belts. You can even purchase home items online. This includes towels and pillows. They have diversified to the point where Lacoste has its own retail stores full of a variety of products for the entire family.

One thing that has made Lacoste stand out is its commitment to quality. People shopping at Lacoste know they will get something that lasts. Other companies sell polo shirts and casual wear but Lacoste will hold up in the wash and be ready for wear year after year. You certainly get what you pay for with this brand. They have a tight weave that keeps the shirt looking great with the fabric firmly in place. This helps it to keep its shape over time and is less likely to become too loose or hang incorrectly on one side.

With a focus on celebrating the 80 years of history the Lacoste brand has, a new generation will be exposed to this iconic brand that plans on staying around for years to come.

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