Krochet Kids International: Charity with Style

Buying clothing and accessories to support charitable organizations is certainly not a new concept, but companies like TOMS have added a little something extra to the deal. Its concept is to sell a pair of shoes and give a pair of shoes to someone in need. The idea was wildly successful, and the company has expanded to create a wide variety of different shoe and accessory styles. Shoppers know they are getting cool footwear items while doing something good for a person in need. It’s a business model that has worked well for these very reasons.

Another company has launched using a similar idea: Selling a stylish product to those who can afford it that ultimately benefits someone who could not. Krochet Kids International focuses on providing women in Uganda opportunities for jobs by teaching them how to crochet hats and other items. These items are purchased by customers overseas who know their accessory has been handmade and supports someone in need. The company earned non-profit status in 2008, and it continues to find success as its brand and products expand rapidly.

Every time a customer purchases a crocheted hat, laptop case, bow or T-shirt, a handwritten label is tucked inside the item with the name of the woman who created it. Customers can then visit and leave her a thank you message and view her photo and profile. This makes the producer-to-consumer experience that much more personal. offers a wide selection of fun and trendy handmade items, including glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, colorful knit hats, fringe purses and cell phone cases. These are unique items that are not mass produced and are of better quality because time and hard work go into their creation. Customers can feel good about spending money on items that provide women with jobs. When someone asks, “Where did you get your hat?” they can feel good about telling them the name of the woman who made it.

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