It’s Sweater Weather! Comfort and Fashion Collide With Fall Sweater Trends

The time has come to put away the sundresses and sandals of summer and make room in your closet for warmer-wear items like sweaters. With the beautiful knits of Fall 2013 now in stores, and available online, this is not a cause for despair. You won’t even miss the lighter styles of summer with what designers are presenting in knit wear this year. Here are a few styles to look for when adding to your fall and winter wardrobe this season:


Glamor magazine says oversize is the way to go with sweaters this year. Belted or left loose, oversize and bulky sweaters are the ultimate in comfort. Make sure to keep it in proportion with your body, because an extra large sweater can quickly overwhelm your physique. If you’re petite, keep your sweaters in scale to your height, or they can quickly become dresses rather than sweaters. Or, try cinching in the waist with a belt or a sash to add shape and help you avoid the “sack” look. Wear bigger sweaters over leggings or skinny fit slim-leg jeans, and don’t forget about boots, which add a great accent to this look. Or, try a small ballet slat in a bright contrasting color to add polish.


Turtlenecks make a huge comeback this season, adding an element of extra warmth for fall. When choosing a turtleneck sweater, remember to consider the colors and tones to suit your complexion, as the knit fabric will be close to your face. The same beautiful color can look vastly different on two people with different skin-tone. Play up your assets and have fun! Designers are combining the oversize trend with turtlenecks and many are offering turtleneck sweater dresses. Wear these with offbeat tights in patterns or textures. This will add interest to your look and round out a fabulous outfit.

Ribbing and textured knits

This year, it’s all about textures! Cable knit, baubles, ribbed accents, and different yarns make up some fantastic elements and even intersect in Fall 2013’s sweater collections. Yarns vary from the softest angora to natural wools and silks, and sometimes even appear together. Try pairing a soft, delicate angora or silk knot sweater with “tougher” accessories like dark jeans and motorcycle boots. This contradiction between super-feminine and street style looks great on any one, and a great sweater and boots are staples in anyone’s wardrobe. Have fun with textures this year, but if your sweater is the star of the show, go easy with the rest of your outfit. Let ribbing and cable stitches stand alone by pairing with smooth front skirts or flat-front pants.

With such a varied and interesting selection of sweaters to choose from this season, who isn’t hoping for the quick arrival of cooler weather?

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