How to Transform a Band T-shirt

You went to a concert and spent an outrageous amount of money on merchandise. You had to, because it’s your favorite band and you needed to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The record plays fine and the stickers look great on your car’s bumper. But that T-shirt doesn’t fit so well. It was only available in men’s XXL, but you just had to have it!

Instead of packing the ill-fitting shirt away in a drawer or only wearing it to sleep in, there are numerous ways to rock your favorite band’s logo with a little elbow grease. Whip out your scissors and sewing kit, and get ready to DIY that tent of a tee into something fashionable and feminine.

Basic tank top

To transform the T-shirt into a tank you’ll live in all summer long, start by drawing a “U” shape just under the collar. Next, cup a crescent moon shape on both the left and right sleeves. Finally, draw an upside-down “U” from one corner of the bottom of the shirt to the other. When you stand back, you should be seeing a basic tank top shape with a hemline that is shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, like a hill.

Next, cut along the lines. Discard the leftover fabric. Flip the shirt over, and tie the back straps together using either a strip of the discarded fabric or a ribbon. Put the top on, and you’ll notice that the front is slightly cropped, and the sides are longer. You can rock this look with high-waisted denim shorts, or you can layer the shirt with another tank top or fitted T-shirt.

Strapless dress

An uber feminine way to transform a large men’s T-shirt is turning it into a dress you can wear in warmer months or layer all year round. Lay the shirt flat, and cut off the sleeves. Next, cut a straight line horizontally a few inches below the shirt’s collar. Next, take the cut-off sleeves and cut them open down the seams. This will be the portion of your dress that covers your bust, so you can wrap it around your bra to get an idea of how high or low-cut you want the top to be.

Next, sew the “sleeve” to the top of the rest of the shirt. It’s a good idea to sew a bit of elastic under the bust to cinch waist so the dress isn’t too boxy. You could also place a belt over the dress to avoid this step. Put the “tube” dress on, and make any adjustments as needed.

Muscle tee

This is probably the easiest option for transforming a giant shirt. Simply cut off the sleeves all the way down the left and right sides of the shirt. You will have large, open slits on each side. Tie the ends of the fabric together on each side, and be sure to wear this open top with a cami or sports bra underneath. This is a great apparel option for the beach, too.


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