How to Shop for a Statement Necklace

You may have heard the term “statement necklace” and wondered exactly what that meant. In its essence, a statement necklace is a bold conversation piece that just so happens to fall on your neck. It isn’t the Flavor Flav clock bling kind of necklace, but rather a piece of jewelry that looks like a work of art and is the undisputed star of your outfit.

Statement necklaces do not have to be expensive or one-of-a-kind necklaces. They are typically large, colorful and interesting pieces of jewelry that can cost thousands or simply be handmade. Here’s how to shop for a statement necklace.

Look for necklaces with large, geometric shapes that hang from a thinner chain. A statement necklace can fall right below the neck and sit on the collar bone, like a gold Cleopatra-inspired piece, or it can dangle down across your torso. Whatever your preference, the charms on the necklace should be large, colorful, sparkly or metallic and they should be made of some sort of metal or jewels.

Think about the overall theme of your outfit. If you are wearing a simple black T-skirt and skinny jeans and want your statement necklace to add a pop of color or a bit of formality to your ensemble, look for a bright orange necklace with oversized beads. (You could also find a turquoise dangling necklace that will dress up your top).

Statement necklaces should be worn with simple outfits – a little black dress, a white pantsuit or a solid color top and jeans, for example – and should be used to add color and embellishments. Avoid wearing a statement necklace with lots of other large, chunky jewelry and earrings, because this can look a bit too costume-like and over the top.

When considering how to shop for a statement necklace, also make sure the price is right. If you are buying one specific necklace for a solitary special event, you can splurge a little more because the necklace is meant to be like a beautiful gown or pair of shoes.

If you found a large and colorful necklace that you just love and would like to wear with multiple outfits, make sure it isn’t too pricey. Although it seems like you should drop a lot of cash on something that will be worn often, the more you wear it, the more chances there are for the chain to break, a bead to pop off or for it to get lost or stolen.

The bottom line in shopping for a statement necklace is to find something that is quintessentially you and is pleasing to your own eye. Even if the necklace seems wild and gaudy, when paired with a more neutral outfit, it can become a very chic accessory. Don’t be afraid to buy multiple statement necklaces and have fun dressing up all of your outfits.

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