How to Reinforce Your Shoes

Sometimes our favorite pairs of heels can fall apart through regular wear and tear. Whether it’s scuff marks, rips in the fabric, broken heels or toes in the holes, shoes can go through a lot of damage over the years. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a special pair of shoes that look a little worse for wear, you don’t have to begrudgingly throw them out. Shoe reinforcement is key to saving your precious pumps and making sure little damage is done to them in the future.

Take your pair of shoes to a local shoe repair place, and ask them to reinforce any elastic on the band of the shoe. Elastic is often one of the first things to go, and any good shoe repair company will have stronger, more durable and stretchy elastic to replace it with so it doesn’t get ripped or pulled apart as easily.

Next, ask to repair any stitching errors. If the thread has been pulled out of any part of your shoe, you will want to replace it as soon as possible so the entire line of stitching does not come loose. Keep in mind that some companies may have to order a specific color of thread to match your shoes, and this can often take a few days or weeks to arrive and be placed in your shoes.

Now you’ll want to ask if the shoe repair company can place rubber pieces under the heels of your shoes. Not only will this replace any broken heels, it will also give you much more comfort when you are walking, especially in skinny stiletto heels. The rubber on the bottom of the heels will ensure that the heels last much longer, as well.

Finally, make sure your shoes are shined and glossy or cleaned up a bit before you take them home. See that any holes are patched up, and scuff marks are wiped away. Keep in mind that professional shoe reinforcement can often take a long time, so don’t drop off your shoes the day before a big event. Also remember that because shoe repair is often a tedious task, the costs can get a little expensive. So make sure it’s a special pair of shoes that cannot be replaced for cheaper, and after a few weeks, your shoes will be better than new.

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