How to Find the Perfect Trenchcoat

Trenchcoats are a classic clothing item that never seems to go out of style. The coat is great for spring months as well as chillier fall weather, and it can protect clothing from rain or snow while still looking sleek and chic. Trenchcoats come in a variety of colors and prints, as well as women’s and men’s styles, but the classic design remains constant and timeless.

1. Color. If you’re looking for the best trenchcoat, first you’ll want to decide on a color. If you are going for more of a classic look, the original tan or khaki trench is the way to do. If you want something more versatile, black or navy will match more outfits and can be worn more frequently in colder months. If quirky and bold is more your thing, opt for a bright red or emerald green trench. You can also find the coat in floral or plaid patterns, which can be fun and eye-catching.

2. Fabric. The next thing to look for in finding the best trenchcoat is fabric. If you’re looking for a lightweight trench that can easily be thrown over a dress in the warmer months, a cotton or blended cotton fabric is the way to go. Classic Burberry trenches use this fabric. If you want something more durable and weather resistant, look for a heavier, woven fabric or microfiber. The best way to test out which trench is for you is simply by trying it on and getting a feel for the weight of the garment.

3. Other factors. You can also keep the interior lining and buttons in mind when finding a coat that is right for you. Silk linings in a fun print or color are great, as they can transform the garment when you slip it on and off. Fun and durable buttons are also something to keep in mind, and the chicest trenchcoats feature buttons of a different, contrasting color.

You’ll also want to make sure your coat has ten buttons, is double breasted, and falls right around knee length. The coat should fit your body well but should not be too snug. Make sure your coat can fit well over just about any garment and can still be tied at the waist without any discomfort. The coat should not be too oversized or feature too many embellishments. It should fit like a comfortable wrap dress while still allowing freedom of movement and the ability to layer clothing beneath it.

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