How to Choose a Winter Jacket to Fit Your Style

As the weather grows brisk and the snow starts to fall, we pile layers of clothing onto our bodies to stay warm, and sometimes our fashion sensibilities can get lost when we’re just trying to make it through a wet and freezing blizzard. While we may be tempted to grab a big, shapeless winter coat to brave the cold, there are more fashionable and stylish options available that are both practical and express your personal style.

The first thing to remember is the wider and puffier the jacket, the more uncomfortable it’s probably going to be. Remember the scene from “A Christmas Story” where the poor little boy can barely move in his puffy winter jacket? Take a cue from this scene and remember to select a jacket that allows you to move comfortably. The more you can move around, the more energy you are exerting, and the warmer you will be.

When looking for a chic winter jacket, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of these is the material of the coat. Wool fabric can often be heavy and therefore warm, but sometimes a silk lining can be freezing when you first put the coat on. Silk can also rip easily, and it’s harder to wash and maintain. Waterproof fabrics may end up being lighter, like in a raincoat, or more heavy and bulky, like a puffy child’s coat.

Many swear by a waterproof, down jacket as the perfect way to keep warm in the winter. When looking for a jacket like this, the next thing to keep in mind is length. Choose a jacket that is long enough to fall right above the knee and is brought in at the waist. This will give you a more tailored, feminine shape while still retaining plenty of heat from the down feathers and waterproof fabric.

A hood with a fur collar is a great addition to any winter jacket, as it can keep your hair free from snowflakes and your head nice and warm. A fur collar can look chic even when the rest of your ensemble might not be. A long, fitted down jacket with a hood seems to be the winner of winter jackets. It can be worn when playing in the snow, walking to the store or waiting in long lines of Christmas shoppers. The coat might be a little impractical for skiing or snowboarding, but for the everyday woman looking to stay warm, this may be your best bet.

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