From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry – How to Translate Their Costumes into Everyday Outfits

Many pop singers tend to get put on best and worst-dressed lists, but the truth is that what these women wear onstage are actually costumes and shouldn’t be seen outside of a concert venue or photo shoot. That isn’t to say that these pop star costumes aren’t beautiful, fashionable and glamorous, because so many of them are. But if you’re lusting after that sequined leotard or insane Lady Gaga headpiece, consider these tips to tone down the look to an everyday outfit.

Pop star costumes are designed to be bold, bright and over the top because that is what can be seen in an arena full of thousands of fans with nosebleed seats squinting to get a better look. Many pop stars like Katy Perry channel a more childlike retro look while adding modern embellishments like glitter and more costume-like accessories.

A good way to wear a look like Katy’s in everyday life is to look at her silhouettes. Katy often wears ultra short high-waisted sequined or metallic shorts and a bustier with a sweetheart neckline. Look for a romper with a similar shape in more toned-down colors and fabrics. Add a bit of funky interest with a cute pair of earrings with fruit or animal charms.

If Lady Gaga’s pop star costumes are more up your alley, there are many options you can explore to channel her look, but be warned that her costumes are more extreme and aren’t entirely easy to translate into a daytime look. One way to bring out your inner Gaga is through your hairstyle. The pop sensation changes her hair seemingly every day, and it always looks modern and top-notch. Select a style you like and mimic it. Next, choose fabrics like leather, and keep an eye out for geometric shapes and interesting fabric folds that give a more extraterrestrial look to your shape.

Remember to keep your outfits subtle, but dress them up with smaller accessories and hairstyles that channel those of your favorite singers when trying to recreate pop star costumes.

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