Free Fashion

A local Free Box is an interesting concept. It is a place of exchange, where you donate used clothing and get to choose from what others have donated. Free Boxes are popping up all over the country because of the benefits they bring to the locals. It affects the local economy, clothes everyone regardless of their financial status, and reduces the waste that ‘buy today, then throw away’ fashion creates. A Free Box essentially creates free fashion for everyone you know.

It is simple to start up a Free Box project. You must first ask permission from your town to put it in a public place or find a location for it. Locating it outdoors and allowing it to be accessible at any time helps it to succeed. Word will need to be spread to as many people as you can reach through fliers, Facebook or word of mouth. Once a large number of people know about it, a donation system will have to be set up. There is a ton of information on how to do this on the internet, but it is pretty easy to figure out.

Ask people to donate all their old clothing –excluding stained, torn, or “inappropriate” (depending upon what your community decides)- to the Free Box In my town we have three boxes, one for children, one for shirts and one for bottoms. Anyone can come and sort through donations, and take home some free fashion. If they don’t like what they pick, they can always bring it back! Your fashion faux pas is someone else’s favorite Christmas sweater. This exchange process promotes a community attitude and creates a positive cycle of renewal. And as any fashionista knows, renewal is a key part of fashion.

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