Four Wrong Fashion Trends for Men

When it comes to fashion and clothing, there are fewer rules for men than there are for women. Even for the most fashionable male, it is hard to break a rule of fashion that people would notice. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tragic fashion trends for men that have occurred throughout the years. Here are a few of those horrible fashion trends that should’ve never happened.

1. Popped Collars
Popped collars are one of the fashion trends for men that need to go away. While there aren’t that many men who still pop their collars, there are a few who haven’t gotten the memo that they simply look dumb. There are some men who not only wear their collars popped, but they also wear two or more collared shirts with the collars on each one popped up. This trend has typically grabbed hold of the fraternity guys at Ivy League schools and the guys who want to have a “frat boy from an Ivy League school” appearance.

2. Skinny Jeans
We aren’t sure what makes guys think they look good in skinny jeans, but it seems to be an epidemic among today’s young men. Skinny jeans on guys simply look like the guy accidentally got dressed with their sister’s clothes in the morning. Regardless of how skinny you are, skinny jeans are one of the worst fashion trends for men. Unfortunately, they have become so popular in today’s youth culture.

3. Ed Hardy Shirts
The t-shirts designed by Ed Hardy may not have been such a bad idea had Jon Gosselin of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” fame not worn them in public every day and on national television. The dad who once had the respect of millions for taking care of so many kids and sticking with it, quickly became someone that nobody respected when he cheated on Kate and eventually divorced her. As a result, his endorsement of Ed Hardy shirts made this one of the fashion trends for men that simply didn’t catch on.

4. Deep V-Necks
V-neck t-shirts aren’t so bad for men. But when they are deep v-necks, it simply looks like the guy borrowed his girlfriend’s favorite “cleavage showing” shirt. Some deep v-necks have a V that goes so low that you can almost see their belly button. While it may be at least partially acceptable to wear a deep v-neck with a shirt underneath, it is completely unacceptable to wear one of these shirts if all you have on beneath it is an abundance of chest hair.

These are just a few of the most socially unacceptable fashion trends for men. There are certainly more, but they probably aren’t as well known or ridiculous looking as the ones mentioned above.

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