Four Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Behind every well-dressed man is a woman who is helping him pick out his outfits. But there are times when a man dresses himself and makes a flub that gets noticed by people all around him. While fashion mistakes men make can be something small and unnoticeable, they can also turn into habits that may  lead to larger fashion faux pas. Here are four of the most common fashion mistakes that men make and how to avoid them.

Wearing Sandals with Socks
There are many men that insist on wearing socks with their sandals from time to time. But what’s the point in wearing sandals if you’re going to wear socks? If it’s cold enough that you should wear socks, then leave the sandals at home and wear some shoes that are designed to keep your feet warm. Pick one – either socks or sandals – and avoid this overdone fashion mistake.

Professionals Wearing Backpacks
There is a time and place for everything. Backpacks belong in high school and college – not in the workforce. A backpack in the professional world just looks childish when combined with dress shirts, suits and other professional attire. If you must carry a bag around, get a nice briefcase or leather messenger bag and avoid this common fashion mistake men make.

Wearing Oversized Shirts and Pants
Many men think that they look good when they wear loose clothes instead of the more fitted shirts and pants designed for their size. This is a common mistake that bigger guys make all the time because they think wearing clothes that are too big for them makes them look slimmer. But it’s simply not true. While clothes that are skin tight are not a good idea either, it is best to choose outfits that comfortably fit to the body. If you think your clothes may be too big, try going down one size the next time you purchase attire. You may be surprised how much slimmer you’ll look.

Buttoning Your Blazer Wrong
One of the most common fashion mistakes men make is buttoning their blazer wrong. Many men think they have to button all of the buttons on their blazer – which can give it an appearance of not fitting correctly – or they think they should never button any of the buttons on their blazer. The general rule of thumb is that double breasted jackets should be buttoned almost all the time for the best look. With a three-buttoned blazer, you can button either the middle button or the top and bottom button, but not all three. With a two-buttoned blazer, only fasten the top button or neither one for the best appearance.

Knowing these common fashion mistakes men make will help you avoid awkward appearances and situations. By avoiding them, you can always look your best.

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