Five Craziest Fashions of Musical Performers

It’s not just enough to have a great voice: If you want to stand out as a musical performer, you’re gonna need an eye-catching look. Over the years, there have been plenty of musical performers who made their mark by making bold fashion statements. Both men and women alike rock some crazy fashions in the name of music, much to our delight.

1. Lady Gaga

Come on, you knew Lady Gaga was gonna be first on this list! From the meat dress to the flesh-colored latex suit, the hula hoop “solar system” gown to her telephone hat, Gaga’s zany fashion sense often outshines her pop hits.

2. Elton John

To be fair, Sir Elton is quite the conservative dresser these days. The only spot of color on his wardrobe tends to be his colorful glasses. However, Elton John was once known for totally crazy outfits.  Maribou feathers, comically oversized sunglasses, goofy hats, and generously cut suits with spangles and stars: Elton was quite the snappy dresser back in the day. Hey man, it was the ‘70s… what would you expect?

3. The Spice Girls

If the ‘70s were over-the-top, the ‘90s were doubly so. While Posh and Sporty usually had fairly reasonable outfits, Scary and Ginger often astonished fans with their crazy fashion choices. Who could forget Scary Spice’s green two-piece “superhero costume,” complete with conical hair towers and go-go boots? As for Geri Haliwell, someone needed to inform her that a country’s flag is not an outfit.

4. Liberace

Recently brought back to the attention of the public with the HBO film “Behind the Candelabra,” Liberace was an entertainer who knew how to make an entrance. Though he usually dressed like a fabulous Dracula, Liberace’s love of capes was only exceeded by his love of sparkle.

5. The Flaming Lips

While they dress normally offstage, the members of the Flaming Lips have been known to don full-body animal costumes during performances. Giant hand props and chubby sun costumes complete the band’s weird fashion looks for the stage. These oddball costumes make the members of KISS look positively pedestrian.

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