Finest Men’s Outerwear: Winter 2012

Winter is the season for coats and jackets. Here’s a list of the finest examples from the world’s leading brands. From advanced technical outerwear to classic naval peacoats, there’s a style to suit any need.

FUR COAT by Raf Simons
For winter, fur is the obvious extension of this, and the innovative Belgian designer offers a unique take on this classic shape coat; business on the front and a party in the back.

BOMBER JACKET by Stone Island Shadow Project
The bomber jacket is a time-honored classic, and here it has been given the full Stone Island Shadow treatment. Made in Italy to the brand’s exacting standard, the jacket comes from the AUGMENT section of Stone Island Shadow’s PARSEQ performance grid, meaning it provides unparalleled warmth.

QUILTED JACKET by Undercover
While quilting is a recurring theme at the moment, it is unusual to find a quilted jacket with a formal cut. Yet, such innovations shouldn’t be a surprise when they come from Undercover designer Jun Takahashi. The lapels on this quilted jacket give it a formal feel.

PUFFA JACKET by Paul Smith
This puffa jacket from Paul Smith might well be the plump cousin of the quilted jacket above. Similarly incorporating elements of tailoring and formal cuts, the jacket has a beautiful shape, with an interesting high collar.

SHOW PIECE by Maison Martin Margiela
Certainly a look for the more adventurous dressers, this highfalutin piece from Maison Martin Margiela is straight off the runway. Inspired by the billowing shape and texture of black bin bags, this unique piece is also incredibly warm, as it is stuffed with insulating goose down.

Cut slim and slightly long, Raf’s take on a classic double-breasted jacket comes in a typically rich color. As you would expect from Raf, traditional elements, such as the front button closure, are slightly subverted to present a modern take on a classic.

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