Experts share spring fashion tips

Wear a backpack. They’re darling. Seriously.

“The backpack is back and a major fashion message,” Ken Downing, the fashion director at Neiman Marcus, tells the Boston Globe.

And here you thought backpacks were for carrying things. Wow, are you stupid. Backpacks are for making major fashion statements. Hello!

While you’re wearing a backpack, you might as well wear a shirt. What the heck. Go for it!

“Shirting was a major trend on the spring runways and easily one of the most accessible,” says Joyann King, the digital director of Harper’s Bazaar.

Wait a minute. She said “shirting,” right? Not something else? Just checking. Thought for a moment some of the models might be having more digestive issues.

But yes, ladies, always good not to go around topless. You get more respect that way. Shirts are definitely “accessible.” Ask any guy.

You pull one out of the clothes hamper, give it a whiff, and if you don’t faint, you’re good to to. Just throw it in the dryer for a few minutes if it’s wrinkled. Or not. Either way.

King is particularly groovin’ on the plain white shirt.

“I am loving the simplicity of a white shirt dress for spring and long into summer,” she tells the Globe. “You can wear it to work with a jacket and roll up the sleeves for the weekend.”

She also likes sleeveless trench coats, though God knows why. Humphrey Bogart would have been laughed at if he cut the sleeves off his trench coat.

Yet King says it “updates your look instantly.”

Of course, she also recommends cat-eye sunglasses — and not just if your school is staging “Thelma and Louise: The Musical.”

They would go well with Downing’s suggestion that you go pink.

“A dress, a shoe, a handbag or lipstick — pink is the color of the season and puts immediate credit into your spring wardrobe,” he tells the Globe.

Yeah, but you notice that he’s not wearing pink lipstick. Or maybe he is. This is the fashion industry, after all.

Another Downing suggestion: booties.

“Booties” mean different things to different people. To rapper singers, well, we all know what booties are to them. To people who actually respect the English language, booties are footwear for infants and toddlers.

However, the fashion industry has come to refer to what should be called miniature boots as “booties.”

“The perfect balance of edge and elegance — the bootie transcends seasons with sexy straps and peep toes on a stiletto or flat,” Downing tells the Globe. “The bootie gives everything in your spring wardrobe a boost.”

Be sure to save some money for bangles, bracelets and cuffs.

“The look is layered,” Downing tells the paper. “The more, the magnificent.”

Who needs a dumb ol’ savings account anyway?

“Try safari chic for the city,” Nicholle Fischelis, the fashion director at Macy’s, advises the Globe’s readers. “Re-colored animal prints and tribal prints on a shift, stilettos, pants or a sexy, strappy, open-toe bootie.”

Jen Rade, a celebrity stylist, tells the Globe you need to put a cashmere sweater from Everlane on the top of your priority.

“It’s a forever must-have,” she says.

True that. Mother Theresa never went anywhere without her cashmere sweater.

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