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Five Items You DON’T Want to Wear on a First Date

If you’re going on a first date, you don’t want your attire to be the reason why you don’t get a second date. What you wear give you the perfect chance to show who you are before you even say a word to your date. In order to choose the best outfit and figure out...
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How to Keep Your Handbags Clean and Germ Free

Surprisingly, one of the sneaky factors that cause us to get sick is the germs collected on our handbags. While you're toting around your stylish new purse, you probably aren't thinking about the bacteria and other gross materials that have accumulated on your accessory from just a few hours out in public. We keep our...
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What Not To Wear Despite a Casual Dress Day

Everyone looks forward to Casual Friday or events where they can be themselves, dress comfortably, and do not have to worry about spending hours selecting a dress that might not fit or shoes that will hurt your feet all night. Although a casual dress code is more laid back and easier to work with, sometimes...
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Four Wrong Fashion Trends for Men

When it comes to fashion and clothing, there are fewer rules for men than there are for women. Even for the most fashionable male, it is hard to break a rule of fashion that people would notice. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tragic fashion trends for men that have occurred throughout the...
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How to Wear Different Styles of Jeans

Despite what “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” tells us, not every pair of jeans will magically fit us or look amazing no matter what we pair it with. There are different styles of jeans that look best on different body types and with tops, shoes and accessories that flatter and compliment any style. Looking through...
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Cardigan Sweaters – A Versatile Fashion Choice

As a woman, I love cardigan sweaters (but I love them on men, too). Cardigans are a versatile fashion choice for the fall and winter season. You can wear them with:
  • Regular jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
What are Cardigan Sweaters? I used to think cardigan sweaters were one specific style. Turns out, "cardigan" is a catch-all term for sweaters that button, tie,...
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Experts share spring fashion tips

Wear a backpack. They're darling. Seriously. “The backpack is back and a major fashion message,” Ken Downing, the fashion director at Neiman Marcus, tells the Boston Globe. And here you thought backpacks were for carrying things. Wow, are you stupid. Backpacks are for making major fashion statements. Hello! While you're wearing a backpack, you might as well wear...
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Fashion industry turns women into ‘girls’

There are apparently very few women in the fashion business, but a whole of "girls." Consider the celebrites who have their own fashion lines. Victoria Beckham has "Working Girl." (Uh, Victoria? You do know that's a euphemism for prostitutes, don't you?) Meanwhile, Audrey Gelman has "The Girl Most Likely" and Maria Sharapova has "Golden Girl." By the...
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Top 7 Things Girls Who Wear All Black Know to Be True

In New York you are more likely to spot a number of people wearing black. It doesn’t matter the occasion, they only wear this color. What’s the secret behind black color? Well, black is a perfect color that blends in every situation. Most women especially in New York wear all black which is a representation...
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