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How to Reinforce Your Shoes

Sometimes our favorite pairs of heels can fall apart through regular wear and tear. Whether it's scuff marks, rips in the fabric, broken heels or toes in the holes, shoes can go through a lot of damage over the years. If you've spent a lot of money on a special pair of shoes that look...
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How to Find the Perfect Trenchcoat

Trenchcoats are a classic clothing item that never seems to go out of style. The coat is great for spring months as well as chillier fall weather, and it can protect clothing from rain or snow while still looking sleek and chic. Trenchcoats come in a variety of colors and prints, as well as women's...
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The Sheer Clothing Trend – Are you In?

One of 2012's biggest and most daring trends in fashion is sheer clothing. Seen on celebrities and all over the runways, the sheer trend recalls '80s and '90s fashions by adding a more modern and sexy twist.
  • The best way to try out the sheer trend is by selecting lightweight, sheer button-down tops with a solid...
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