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Trendy Backpacks

Although students are in the bliss of their summer breaks, returning to school is inevitable. One good thing girls have to look forward to is purchasing new outfit for the new year. Many students are ditching backpacks in favor of large purses, totes — or no bag at all. You’ll likely want to bring backpacks...
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Essential iPhone Apps for the Jewelry-Obsessed

Diamonds are a girl's best friend (and they're pretty chummy with men, too). Thankfully, the iPhone has a ton of helpful apps for the jewelry-obsessed. If your two favorite accessories are diamonds and an iPhone, these essential iOS apps will help you with all your jewelry needs.

1. Diamond Scale by Leviteo


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How to Rock Vintage Pin Curls

Vintage fashions of the 1950s are ultra trendy, and retro silhouettes and prints can be seen all over modern designers’ runways. The pin-up girl look is classic and always stylish. It’s simple to rock a matte red lip and cat eye, but a retro ensemble isn’t complete without an authentic hairstyle.

The secret to...

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