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High heels more problems than they’re worth?

Men would never subject their feet to Inquisitional torture devices that cause excrutiating pain, deform their toes and cause chronic health problems just to impress women. Heck, women are lucky if they can get their boyfriends and husbands to bathe more than once a week. Yet generation after generation of women wear high-heel shoes with pinchy little...
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Socks with sandals? Is it a sign of the Apocalypse?

"And I saw a beast rising out of the sea with 10 horns and seven heads with 10 diadems upon its horns and a blasphemous name upon its heads -- all while it was wearing socks with sandals. Socks with sandals! It totally freaked me out!"

-- Revelations 14.13:1.1

Truly the End Times are upon...
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Time to shave that beard?

Shave, ya lousy bum! Glamour magazine reports that beards are finally out of fashion again -- especially those stupid beards that look like you've only been growing facial hair for the past five days. But don't take Glamour's word for it. The magazine has some actual university research to back it up. Yes, there are university researchers who...
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The Xperienced Shopper: shopping on Xperience Days website

Every office or classroom has one, a person that shares these stories of incredible weekend activities. It might be just be something as simple as a beer making class or as crazy as learning how to trapeze. But regardless, you sit there, listen, and wonder “How does this person manage to do these activities?” Well...
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The Real Man’s Guide to Buying a Suit

So you want to buy a suit. What happened? Someone die? Ah, never mind. It doesn't matter. Maybe you got some fancy-schmancy new job or you're going to a costume party disguised as a reponsible adult from 1957. Men still wear suits for a bunch of weird reasons, but the prospect of actually going out and buying...
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Hottest Fashion Accessory Trends That Won’t Break Your Budget

An outfit — no matter how expertly put together or designer inspired — is simply not complete until all of the proper accessories are in place. Sometimes that means adding one single statement necklace or a great bangle. Other outfits require more effort and need jewelry plus a great bag and shoes to pull it...
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Wearing Scarves for Warmth and Fashion

Scarves of all styles and sizes are popular this winter season, and it's no wonder: they're fashionable, versatile, and keep your whole body warm when it’s chilly indoors or out. With designers currently offering a multitude of patterns and colors, there is definitely something for everyone. Before you buy, consider your needs; scarves can go...
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5 Classic Pieces for Every Woman’s Closet

Whether you're a complete clothes-horse, a weekend fashionista, or just enjoy partaking in fashion trends, there are a few core pieces which should be in your closet. The following five pieces form the backbone of a complete wardrobe and offer countless options both on their own and when combined with one another. So have a...
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