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Men’s Holiday Party Attire

The holiday season is here and that means it is time for celebration. Celebration means party so I’m here to help explain what each holiday get-together requires for its attire. Family and Friends Party If party is at someone’s house, casual is the best way to go. A pair of dark wash, fitted jeans and a fitted,...
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University Of Men: The Latest College Fashion Trends

Sweats and t-shirts are a college campus regular. But guys, it is time to get schooled and step up your style. You can still get that cool, comfortable look but also look pulled together and stylish. Beanies: Not only will this hat keep your head warm for the winter, but girls are digging guys in beanies....
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What The “Casual” Guy Should Wear To Work

Let’s face it- there are those guys who would wear gym clothes to work if it was acceptable. Well I’m here to help them put together a casual outfit that will keep the comfort they want whle not losing the style and look needed in the working world. Pant: A chino pant is the perfect pant...
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Men In Uggs: The Latest Trend This Winter

Inspiration for trends comes from all over.  Celebrities having a big influence often will start trends without even realizing it.  Something we can expect to see this winter because of some leading Hollywood men- more guys in Ugg boots.  Some stars that were caught on camera sporting Ugg boots include Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Bruce...
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Men’s Workplace Fashion

Mark Twain stated, “Clothes make the man”. I have to agree with Mr. Twain 100%. Men’s clothing in the work environment can make all the difference. Once men learn a few tricks of the trade of dressing for work- they are set for success. Get fit- or fitted at least. A tailored suit is the secret...
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Kellie Pickler’s ‘Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind’s lyrics really grasps a great concept here:

Need to go shopping These shoes are all wrong Just look in my closet Not a thing to put on I wonder how these jeans make me look from behind Things that never cross a man's mind

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MANdated Dress Code

Winter is such a great season to express your style through layers. Here is your MANdated dress code: Vest: A puffy vest is a great fall to winter accessory. The extra weight keeps you warm, but without the sleeves it allows you to still wear it while running errands. Grey Denim: This trend is great because grey...
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The Xperienced Shopper: shopping on Xperience Days website

Every office or classroom has one, a person that shares these stories of incredible weekend activities. It might be just be something as simple as a beer making class or as crazy as learning how to trapeze. But regardless, you sit there, listen, and wonder “How does this person manage to do these activities?” Well...
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