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Shopping for the Perfect T-Shirt

One fashion item that has never, and probably will never, go out of style is the basic T-shirt. Tees can be worn will dressier skirts and blazers or simply with a good pair of jeans and sneakers. Shopping for the perfect T-shirt seems easy enough, but there are a few things to keep in mind...
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How to Keep Your Handbags Clean and Germ Free

Surprisingly, one of the sneaky factors that cause us to get sick is the germs collected on our handbags. While you're toting around your stylish new purse, you probably aren't thinking about the bacteria and other gross materials that have accumulated on your accessory from just a few hours out in public. We keep our...
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New Shoe Trend: Platform Sneakers

A new shoe trend that emerged this year is platform sneakers. Now, these aren't the spacey sneakers seen in the early 2000s where it looks like a shoe has been glued to a neon foam platform. These new shoes, called hidden wedge sneakers, are more subtle and infinitely cooler than platform shoes of yore. These...
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What Not To Wear Despite a Casual Dress Day

Everyone looks forward to Casual Friday or events where they can be themselves, dress comfortably, and do not have to worry about spending hours selecting a dress that might not fit or shoes that will hurt your feet all night. Although a casual dress code is more laid back and easier to work with, sometimes...
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How to Wear Different Styles of Jeans

Despite what “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” tells us, not every pair of jeans will magically fit us or look amazing no matter what we pair it with. There are different styles of jeans that look best on different body types and with tops, shoes and accessories that flatter and compliment any style. Looking through...
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How to Transform a Band T-shirt

You went to a concert and spent an outrageous amount of money on merchandise. You had to, because it’s your favorite band and you needed to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The record plays fine and the stickers look great on your car’s bumper. But that T-shirt doesn’t fit so well. It was only available in...
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Trendy Winter Boots for 2013

Trudging through the snow and slush on your daily commute isn’t quite what you may imagine when you think of a winter wonderland. Fortunately, as the air grows crisper and the snowflakes start to fall, sweater weather is in full swing. Nothing complements a chic knit cardigan like a perfect pair of winter boots. Rethink bulky...
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Back to School Style 2013

One of the best parts of returning to school for a brand new semester is back-to-school shopping. While you can certainly incorporate your current clothing selection into your wardrobe for the new year, buying a few new items will ensure your style is trendy, modern and sophisticated. T-shirts & skirts One of the most popular outfit combinations...
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