5 Men’s Fashion Trends For Spring 2013

There are a multitude of trends every season in men’s fashion, and keeping up with all of them would require a superhuman dedication to style and a more or less endless amount of disposable income. But each season offers a few that can be easily adapted into most wardrobes, often without breaking the bank too much. Most men can become very unfashionable very quickly, however, so be aware that every trend can be incorrectly interpreted and thus rendered not trendy.

The Trend: Fatigues / Camouflage

The Simple Explanation: For some reason, military patterns are in right now. People are wearing the darker/subtler shades on slim-fitting cargo pants and blazers, although typically not both at the same time.

If You Do It Right: You’re breakdancing down the line between haute couture and street style without a care in the world.

If You Do It Wrong: Depending on your age, you look like you were in ‘Nam or are a potential school shooting suspect.

The Trend: Denim-on-Denim

The Simple Explanation: Canadian Tuxedos? More like American Regular Cool Person Clothes. Ryan Gosling did it in Drive, and anything Ryan Gosling does in anything is approved by the collective unconscious of menswear. So rock those jeans with a denim jacket and prepare to be super fashionable.

If You Do It Right: You look like an uglier version of Ryan Gosling in Drive, dude! That’s gotta be good enough for most women.

If You Do It Wrong: You look like the shirt you’re wearing underneath the jacket has no sleeves and you’re on a 15-minute break from shotgunning beers with your cousins.

The Trend: Brown

The Simple Explanation: Who says brown is boring? It oozes class and can set off a whole wealth of lighter colors that could be used with it. Think brown suit with a royal blue shirt or a brown sweater over an oxford shirt.

If You Do It Right: An effortless, measured cool that has some rustic charm to it.

If You Do It Wrong: Your clothes are the color of shit.

The Trend: Stripes

The Simple Explanation: Iconic, bold stripes, as well as classic nautical patterns, are making a big impression this season on shirts, sweaters and polos, offering those with chests worthy of having attention called to them an opportunity to call all the attention they like.

If You Do It Right: You’ve achieved the perfect harmony between pointless affectation and hassle-free style, letting it be known that you know you’re stylish without coming off as preening.

If You Do It Wrong: You look like an actual sailor, or someone playing dress up as a sailor.

The Trend: Cricket Sweaters

The Simple Explanation: Stylish yet sporty and so delightfully British. Athletic cuts, nice fabrics and bold contrast stripes (stripes!); what’s not to like?

If You Do It Right: You look like James Bond having a nice relaxing Sunday.

If You Do It Wrong: You are literally trying harder than anyone has ever tried in the history of trying.

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