5 Fashion Secrets All Curvy Women Should Know

If you’re a proud curvy woman who loves clothes, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 fashion secrets all curvy women should know.

Emphasize your smallest point

Put your hand on your side with attitude and figure out where the smallest part is. Then make it known! Simply add a belt around your waist and highlight your midpoint.


Find cuts that work

Just like you want shoes that fit perfectly and hide your toes, your clothes should have the same effect. Ignore buzzwords like slim and focus on what cuts look good on you. Maybe flared legs fit better on you than skinny jeans. Try on empire waist dresses, they fit right around the bust and don’t cling.


Make use of stylists

Trying on clothes by yourself isn’t always encouraging. Bring along your most fashionable friend. Select pieces you think would look good on the other and make a game out of it, and then ask for feedback. Talk to sales associates, many, especially at smaller stores and boutiques- are happy to help recommend styles. Some stores, like Nordstrom, even have personal stylists on hand to assist you.


Take good measure

Sizing can be unreliable, especially if you’re shopping online. Spend more time shopping and less time returning by knowing your exact measurements. You can grab a sewing measurer and write down your stats. Then before you put a random size in your cart, review the size chart and make sure it’ll fit.

There’s a recall on stick thin models

What the modeling industry doesn’t want you to know is this: France recently instilled a law that bans too-thin models. They’ve enacted a rule that models undergo a test that ensures their body mass index and nourishment is up to par. This is an attempt to reduce the anorexia problem in France- about 40,000 are diagnosed with the eating disorder.

Written by Kiley Krzyzek

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